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Service Hotline:400-189-1231 We provide services as below:
International Moving Service
International Moving Service

SUNRISE Relocation can provide complete door-to-door services by coordinating various components of your move right from the start. Our professional packing teams are led by English-speaking supervisors who are fully familiar with our operating procedures and standards.

International Parcel Express
International Parcel Express

SUNRISE International is a global professional international parcel handling company, Our worldwide shipping services include parcel service by air and sea.

Local Moving Service
Domestic Moving Service

You can have peace of mind that your shipment will be handled from its origin to its final destination with the highest industry standards!

Why Choose Us?
Sunrise International’s goal is to provide our clients with a “one stop shop” for their transport needs with exceptional customer service and competitive prices.
Highly experienced in-house packing crew. Strength of international network with local expertise.

Decade of experience in international relocations. Modern logistics system to coordinate your shipment.

Public Reputation
We appreciate that every single move is different, we take care to establish your exact removal needs and to provide a service that is personal to you in every detail.
Quality Assurance System
International Moving Service Guide
Strength of international network with local expertise!
Decade of experience in international relocations!
Different countries
service experience!
Knowing customs policies!

Over 100 worldwide partners!
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