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Pet Move Services

Author: SUNRISE Source: SUNRISE 2017-06-05

Moving of your pet we take personally. We will take care of every detail in planning and organization of moving of your pet.We handle complete travel need of your pets.

Our service is available to individuals and corporations.

Our service include:

-     Helping and assisting with choosing kennel for your pet and providing travel kennels;
-     Domestic and international permits and following all requirements including veterinary certificates;
-     Service and assistance with all the procedures in case you move pet yourself;
-     Picking up or delivery of your pet;
-     Arranging flights and the best and the shortest connections wherever is possible;
-     Customs import or export procedure at Airport Belgrade or subject customs office in case of road transportation;
-     Quarantine procedure assistance.

We understand the importance of feeling comfortable with the welfare of your pets. We provide the extra care every pet deserves to make its trip safe and confortable.

Pets need to be comfortable within their journey. For airline travel, each kennel features a heavy-duty plastic shell, durable wire doors that interlock for added security, wire ventilation windows to promote healthy air flow and plastic wing-nuts that won't corrode for durable assembly. Dogs and cats must have a minimum of 5 cm clearance above the top of their head/ears while standing in their kennels.

Kennels that are undersized or with doors on top of kennel or extra door will not be acceptable for air transport. Also, collapsible or metal kennels are not acceptable.