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Sunrise Relocation Moving Checklist

Author: SUNRISE Source: SUNRISE 2017-06-02

Moving Checklist
At SUNRISE, we know about moving home and just how many things you’ll have to think about. We have created this simple International Moving Guide to make things easier for you.
Follow our Moving Guide for a smooth and happy move.

One to two Months Before Moving
Have a clear idea what you would to take with you;
Arrange for a free pre-move survey with SUNRISE;
Start thinking which unwanted items should be sold or donated through SUNRISE;
Start exploring your new destination, laws, climate, culture, language, community, school, etc.;
If you plan to move pet, keep record of veterinarian report and ask SUNRISE about destination requirements and procedures for moving of your pet.
Two to Four Weeks Before Moving
Book move date with SUNRISE;
Plan ahead for special needs of infants;
Inform your landlord about your upcoming move;
Learn transit insurance guide and start making the list for insurance and high value items list separately(if necessary);
Inform friends and family, clubs, associations about your departure and new address data;
Arrange financial affairs, foreign exchange and bank accounts;
Start using up food from the freezer, food is not allowed to ship overseas.

One Week Before Moving

Contact service providers to arrange final accounts and meter readings, such as Mobile phone operator, Cable TV provider, Electricity supplier, Gas supplier, Water Rates;
Returned all borrowed or rented items, books, videos, etc;
Cancel memberships including gym, library etc;
Check there are no clothes at the dry cleaners, shoes at shoe repair shops, sporting goods at clubs/schools;
Reserve elevator if moving from an apartment and get the permission from the property management office;
Make copies of all important documents and keep the record of them.

The Day Before Moving
Disconnect domestic appliances: washing machine, cooker, dishwasher, if you are moving a fridge, defrost it 24 hours before the move;
Confirm service meter readings and keep a spare copy of readings;
Cancel any regular deliveries (milk, newspapers);
Dispose of all remaining flammables dangerous, or hazardous materials;
Put together a pile of “do not remove” essentials: passports, tickets, itineraries, coats, handbags, snacks, cleaning materials;
Pack small valuables separately and take them with you, e.g. jewelry, watches, money etc;
Separate your airfreight consignment from your sea freight;
Confirm elevator and parking spot use with the property management office.

The Big Day
Your moving day has finally arrived. You can leave the hard work to us, but you will need to take care of a few essential things yourself.

Carry important documents, currency and jewelry yourself;
Switch off main power, gas taps, and water supplies (if necessary);
Confirm there are no any items left to carry;
Lock all windows and doors;
Drop your keys at the estate agents if you need to.