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Some Of Moving Tips And Advises

Author: SUNRISE Source: SUNRISE 2017-06-02

• Ask for and choose moving quote.

• Make sure all agreements between you and your mover are in writing, and get a copy of everything you sign.

• Make schedules and get organized for the move. Make clear plan. Break it down to number of weeks you have until the move and then printed out a calendar.

• Prioritized items that could be packed first and the items you would need until the very end.

• Things like pictures on the walls, decor, guest bedroom items, extra linens, etc could all be packed in the beginning. Weeks two and three included items like books, seasonal items, clothes that you wouldn't need for the upcoming few weeks, less used kitchen items and craft supplies. The final week was the last of kitchen items, toys, the pantry and fridge items, clothing and toiletries.

• Make your reservation of the moving dates and schedules. If you have self pack move, but the packing material in time.

• Print all the documents you will need and file them.

• Get rid of unwanted items, use the items you will not move and go through the list of prohibited items. Cash in on your unwanted items or donate through SUNRISE RELOCATION.

• Secure parking permits for the moving date or ask your mover to do it.

• Move on a weekday when banks, utilities and government offices are opened.

• If moving locally, leave your pets with a friend on moving day. Animals can become stressed and frightened during a move.

• Make the plans for kids and family members.

• Choose a “room for packing” ahead of time and box up a few things each day.

• Use SUNRISE RELOCATION moving stickers to mark each box with its contents and destination room.

• Take Valuables with You: Valuables, such as cash, coins, jewelry, photographs, rare collectibles and important papers should be taken with you, or sent ahead using a traceable service, such as express courier services;

• Custom built wooden crates and protective packing safeguard antique tables, marble tabletops, crystal chandeliers, fragile vases and other priceless possessions.

• Last grocery shopping trip should be two weeks before move. To minimize your food packing go shopping 2 weeks before your move and try to use everything from your fridge you can before the move. Also try to eat everything you can so you have less to pack, throw away, or move.

• Plan an Off-Peak Season Move (when possible). June to September is the high season. If you must move during the high season, move mid-month, mid-week, and avoid the end of the month. If you have the flexibility, ask the mover if there would be any savings by moving on a different day of the week.

• Be reachable by phone. Make sure the mover has your cell phone number and is able to reach you during your move, in case there is any unforeseen change in your delivery schedule.

• Leave the packing and crating to Moving Specialists.