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International Moving Q&A

Author: SUNRISE Source: SUNRISE 2017-06-05

We have researched the most commonly asked moving questions, and then answered them. 
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When and how will the household goods inventory take place?

Your household goods including boxes will be inventoried on the day of packing, just prior to loading. You have the right to make any notations in regards to the inventory. Packing list /inventory should be signed by you and our representative. It is important that before signing, you ensure that the inventory is complete, nothing is missing and that the inventory correctly lists the condition of your items. The crew leader or driver will provide you with your own copies of the inventory. At the time your shipment is delivered, it is your responsibility to check the items delivered against the items listed in your inventory as they come into your new residence. Do not sign the inventories until you are assured that all of your goods arrived. Any exceptions or missing items must be noted on the exceptions sheet and the inventories and your move coordinator must be informed immediately.

What should I do in the event of a claim or damaged item?
If you’re discussing a self-service move, you may not get reimbursed for something that you packed. When we pack the items, please bring the damage to the packer’ or driver’s attention on the delivery. Please, contact your move coordinator and make them aware of the issues. Your move coordinator will then help you initiate the claim process. When filing your claim, you will need the inventory tag number from the damaged item, description of the item, the nature and extent of the damage, the original cost of the item, the value which you currently place for the tem. Also, the photos of the damaged items are very importation for the claim process.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes, basic coverage is as per our terms and conditions but we offer insurance with the contracted company / third party as per the offer rates, which are part of the quotation. 

If our new home is not ready to move into, do you offer storage?

Yes, we can store your household goods at our storage facilities until your new residence is ready for move in.
When will the crew arrive on packing or loading day?
This should be agreed with your move coordinator.Your move coordinator will be in contact with you prior to the move dates and will advise you of arrival dates and approximate arrival times.
Do we have to be present for all phases of the moving process?

Yes, as you are the most important participant in the move. But, you may designate someone to be present during the move other than yourself, but you are handing all responsibility over to that designated person, and the are responsible for signing all paperwork, and doing a final walkthrough of the house to make sure that nothing has been left behind at your old house, and that everything has made it, to your new residence.

Who should I inform that I am moving?
Please notify family, friends and any professional organizations you are affiliated with. Please notify your family doctor, attorney, accountant, and school teachers/administrators (if applicable). Please use our checklist for help and assistance.

Are there any items that Sunrise Relocation cannot ship?

Yes, we cannot ship hazardous, flammable or perishable items. Also, it is recommended that you personally transport any items that are of extremely high value (monetary or sentimental). You may refer to our list of prohibited items for more information.

Once we decided to use your company, what are our responsibilities?

After you've chosen moving company, there are a few things you need to do to ensure that your move goes smoothly. First, make sure you have precise estimation. Then you choose and have confirmed your moving date. You need to take full responsibility for any high-valued items such as jewelry, antiques and crystal. Check the items as they're packed and loaded. You will be asked to sign an inventory sheet, so make sure you are aware of everything being moved. Only sign the inventory sheet when you're sure everything has been loaded on the truck. It's also your responsibility to make sure that you have not packed anything, which is not allowed to be packed.

Which services are recommended?

You can pack yourself, we can pack some of your belongings or we can pack everything. If you’re interested in our packing services, you can discuss options with your salesperson during your in-home estimate. Balkan Relocations offers you different packing services to fit all types of moves and budgets. You can also use our helpful tips, checklists and all documents in order to have help with the packing options. You can also pack yourself. We can deliver material and help with advice how to pack dishes, clothes, shoes and other items.

I need to make changes in schedules or my move plan. What should I do?

Contact your move coordinator as soon as your move dates is changed. New plans and schedules will be made accordingly. Also, please contact your move coordinator if you need to add or subtract any items from your move plan. He can assist you with any changes or updates.

What information do you need to schedule my shipment?

We will need your address, phone numbers, and destination city, zip code and state are the primary information that we need to know to schedule your shipment. It is also helpful to let us know at this time if there will be any additional loading or delivery stops.

What is involved with an in-home estimate?

Once our salesperson visits your home and estimates the weight and volume of all of your belongings that you will be moving, we are able to make precise costs for the subject move. He will also discuss move details such as dates, packing services, etc., and address any questions you may have. At the end of the visit, your salesperson will draft a customized written estimate for your checking.

What kind of estimate should I ask for?

Please ask for precise offer, without hidden costs. Please ask sales representative for all possible charges thorough all phases of the move. For example – flight charges, long carry charges, appliance charges, parking charges, storage charges, fuel charges should be noticed in the quote I they have been surveyed. If you have a piano, you should let them know right up front.

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, please call us any time or complete our free estimate form and have an estimate emailed to you.