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Excess Baggage to UK

Author: SUNRISE Source: SUNRISE 2017-06-06

We specialise in Excess baggage to UK & Europe from China. Are you worried about excess baggage issues at airport? We have a special service to cater your baggage needs you can easily send your Luggage anywhere around the world via Sunrise Relocation at cheap rates. Our tailored services will help you to send your belongings in appropriate sized box or you can simply use your bags or luggage for the transport. All you have to do is contact us. We provide all Baggage/courier related services at very affordable prices. We have both Air & Sea shipping options to meet specific requirements. We also have Excess Baggage Service to Ireland, Germany, Italy from China.
Sunrise Relocation has a door-to-door delivery service. Our professionals take care of your convenience and never hesitate to call you for the delivery confirmations. Our team members are experienced and highly skilled in their job. We value our customers and always give priority to all the small and big deliverable baggages. When you need to send your excess baggage to UK, you can simply call us or visit our website to make instant bookings. Shipping from China to UK we are just one call away.